Pizza and Beer, a popular but very unusual pairing that you want to try

It will always be cookie and milk, burgers and fries, and bacon and eggs, but beer and pizza? It pretty sounds unusual right? However, this kind of food pairing has become a huge trend right now anywhere you go.

In this article from a famous restaurant of Italian foods in Victoria, let us talk about some of the most valid reasons while beer and pizza go very well together, and also let us learn what are the best pizza and beer pairings that you should try.

If you have not tried pizza and beer together, then your first question would be, why break the norm? Well for a lot of people pizza and beer are very good and delicious when you pair it anytime and any day and each person who both loves pizza and beer have their own different and unique perspective of why they love this unusual food pairing. There are some out there who loves this is that both the beer and pizza are simple and have known quantities together and you certainly know what you are munching and drinking which your taste buds are already informed about the comforting and delicious taste of pizza and the relaxing flavor of a bottle of beer.

It is very agreeable about the reasons why people love pizza and beer, but there are a lot of reasons that you need to know to further give you a better idea of trying it even just once.

According to food experts, pizza and beer are a great combination because of its contrasting flavors that complement each other perfectly in a way that it enhances each of its flavors. Just like other foods that are paired with an alcoholic drink such as steak for red wine, fish for white wine, and other stuff, beer and pizza are just a trend that just started to gain more and more attention.

Ale and Pilsen are the most popular types of beer in many countries and these can go great with different kinds of food especially with pizza, but there are distinct pizza flavors out there that should be paired with specific types of beer also to further enhance and complement each other’s flavor that will burst in your mouth.

To give you more idea what kind of pizza and beer to enjoy and experience next aside from pepperoni and a bottle of Budweiser or Corona, here are some popular pizza and beer pairings.

  • Margherita and Pale Ale
  • Pepperoni and India Pale Ale
  • Hawaiian and Fruit Ale
  • Cheese and Wheat Ale
  • Mushroom and Spinach pizza and Stout

This idea is based on a survey done by food experts about this trend that are usually found in bars, fusion restaurants, and pizza parlors that offer beer as well. If there are no restaurants that specialize in beer and pizza pairing, then why not order for your own pizza and shop some six-pack beers or visit brewery houses to check its specialty beer brews that you think can be a good pair of your pizza.

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