The best tourist attractions of China

As we all know China is always one among the top tourist attractions in the world. People who have chosen China for their vacation may need more number of days to visit all the tourist attractions here. This is because China is a vast country and it has endless numbers of tourist attractions which can put the travelers into great excitement. However, in spite of these tourist spots, some attractions are more familiar among the tourists. Some of such best tourist spot which should not be denied by the tourists are listed as follows.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall is the first and foremost tourist attraction in China. It is to be noted that this wall was built in the 5th century. And during the 16th century the wall was again rebuilt by the government in order to ensure the safety aspects of China. Even though this is a long extended wall, many people will prefer visiting the wall in Beijing. This is because this area is easily accessible and they have the most impressive structure among the mountain ranges. Even though there are many specialties for this Great Wall, they are highly renowned for the engineering feats.

Potala palace

This is a palace which belongs to 7th century. This palace influences the Tibetan Buddhism and is supposed to have a traditional touch. This palace is supposed to have thousand rooms and it was considered to be the living quarters of Dalai Lamas during their period. The other most interesting fact about this palace is they have more cultural relics. The only difficulty in visiting this palace is they are 14 stories tall. Hence the travelers must climb up lot of stairs in order to enjoy the complete beauty of this palace.

Forbidden City

This is another highly preferred tourist spot of China. The Forbidden City was built in 15th century. This was considered to be the home for the emperors. This has the world’s largest palatial complex. The total city consists of 980 buildings. And the total rooms in this city are stated to be 9999. Yearly more number of tourists will prefer visiting this place for their exclusive beauty. This is reason why this city always seems to be crowded with more tourist population. People who want to visit this city can stay in the best hotels of Beijing.


If you have been traveling to different places for a while but you have not fully experienced the beauty of it maybe you are missing out something. A lot of people does not fully experience their travel experience due to some reasons and circumstances while some does not have the time to visit places and mingle with the locals for the reason that their travel’s main purpose is work-related while some only have one to two days of stay in a particular place leaving them with no option but to visit the nearest tourist attraction to the place where they are staying or worse, they are stuck at their hotel rooms.

However, there are tons of ways to maximize your time and find ways to improve your travel experience and bring home good memories with you. In this article, I will provide you some useful tips to improve your travel experience whether you are traveling alone or with someone.

Upon setting foot in a different country, the first thing you will notice is the airport and the first thing you should do is speak with the locals and one thing you should never forget is to initiate a conversation with them whether there is a language barrier between you two. Initiating a conversation with a local creates a welcoming sense in yourself which you could brag to your friends that you were able to speak with someone who does not understand your language but both of you were able to connect with that person just by asking either for directions, or where the taxi stand is located; it’s pretty simple but it makes a big impact for yourself that you were able to connect with a local.

Psychologists say that it is easier to speak a foreign language in person rather than listening to an audio or video tutorial because you can see the emotion and the body language of the person who is talking in front of you. The first time that a native speaker talks to you and you answered them back, it will continue for some time even minutes up to an hour depending on how both of you connected to each other. Even though there’s a language barrier you will still be able to understand what they are trying to say to you because of their actions. In this way, you are able to learn something new from them which make your travel experience much better.